Kung Fu

Kung Fu
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Hi Adrian and Joan! When the Summer Hill Band was accepted to go on a tour to China, I thought this piece would be fun to learn to play to Chinese audiences. It has long been a big favourite with my students because it is fairly straightforward, but with a fantastic energy and, of course, the shouting and atmospheric touches. Although the china gong took a little time to find, it was well worth the result in sound. Anyway, when we got to China, I suddenly realised that we were about to play CHinese music to the Chinese people, and wondered how they would take it. As it turns out, they loved it too and gave us a very warm reception. I would highly recommend this piece to anyone with a developing concert band - the writing is strong and the scoring is good and allows for sections to work together. There is a truly authentic Asian sound created and it was really wonderful for our students to play this music and engage with the culture of the country we were visiting.Just as an aside, our group visited a large primary school in Nanjing and (by coincidence) gave our students a kung fu lesson. The instructor would teach them a few moves and then put on some music for them to practice it to and he put on a recording of The General's Mandate (which is the tune featured throughout Kung Fu). It was pretty cool. Thanks for the great music!
Date Added: 10/16/2016 by Cathy Chan